Duluth – Woodward


Duluth NSIM – WYII 2019 Woodward PA.

Bambi gives me a tour of RiedellLocal ladies of Redwing constructing Moxi’slook at her,Olf farm bluff trail Redwing, Mnview from the blufftraining on the bluffs paved loopdinner in Duluthreflecting over coffeescrumptious this way to North shore In-line Marathon.this dog hangs out with the inventor of rollerblading.chilling with the team.enjoying the race,extreme focus.finishers.if only you knew how nervous I was before the race.crashing during the awards.the crowd pleaser.actually incredibly stoked to have podiumed this day.Brad & Lauren. Duluth, Mnkids at the park.me & Tone,Tone & I,Bambi in the cold late summer waters of Minnesota.contemplation.Myles.the wise,locations.the most legendary cabin weekend ever..breakfast & reorganizing in Minong, Mnnew setup.quick stop to see the Madison homies.dan is cool.best driving partner.lunch with Lia & John, Woodward, Pamorning 20kthe group in motion.sonic attempts to break the sound speed barrier.horse.the sun rising, 📷: Stephanie Falcone.tractor.Selfie.Cameron & Tad, Woodward, Pagood boi.fresh new setup.into the sunset.Cameron, Malik & Sonic. B3Bryce within flightLogan.welp.how lucky am I.Hogan is the man.morning skate day 2.new buddy,let me keep following you.& catching sunrises with you,& following you.i love this setup.jeez, breakfast & coffee, welhiem, pa.the very best humans of wyii 2019vibes, Woodward, pa. tired.but happy.the end.